Mix of high emotion and comedy

Beautiful and heartrending show, a mix of high emotion and comedy, totally recommend it. You don’t need to speak all four languages to understand what’s going. My Spanish is rubbish and I got it… 😉 @ Jonathan Hedley

Thoroughly delighted by drama & comedy

It was an excellent show! Very well written and performed. I didn’t know what to expect and was thoroughly delighted by the mixture of drama and comedy! @ Tony Randell

Intreccio di storie, lingue ed emozioni

Mi avete toccata. Bravissimi! Uno spettacolo in cui l’intreccio delle storie, delle lingue e delle emozioni trascina e ti fa superare barriere. Super! @ Claudia De Varga Macciucca

Dialoghi brillanti e comprensibili

Confesso che temevo non poco la confusione linguistica. Invece è stato tutto perfetto, dialoghi brillanti e comprensibili ed una trama profonda nella sua leggerezza. @ Konrad Schubert

Total enjoyment along the way!

Well written, well directed, well casted. Who would have thought to watch a show in 4 languages? BUT let me tell you it was done and understood with some chuckles, pensive moment and total enjoyment along the way! @ Marsha Cincinnati